New Dog Harness Tells You How Your Dog Feels!

While being able to talk to our dogs and have them respond would be awesome... it's not really possible. BUT this new invention will help us key into how our pups are feeling!

There's a Japanese company called Langualess debuted a new harness for dogs that has a sensor that changes color based on how your dog is feeling: relaxed, happy, interested, stressed. It's called Inupathy. It measures your dog's heart rate and then translates that data into how your pet may be feeling. It's linked to an app that helps you track your dog's mood over time too.

While a dog wagging its tail may seem like he's happy-- this invention will dig deeper into what's really going on with your pup!

The team behind this has been tracking dog's heart rates based on various scenarios to find this data.

For now, the new creation is geared toward dogs, but they are hoping to expand and offer more for other furry friends as well in the future!

The harness is already on sale in Japan, and a US launch is expected later this year. And I want one for each of my pups! I'd love to know more about how they feel-- what about you?


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