Weatherman With Adoptable Dog Makes For A GREAT TV Segment!

You all know by now how much I love dogs... so I absolutely LOVE this video clip from a weather report in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Mike Sobel, the weatherman, attempts to do his weather report, accompanied by Ripple, an 18-month-old Mastiff mix. Well, Ripple was a little too excited to listen! There isn't a dull moment in this clip as Ripple moves around, chewing on his leash. Mike tries hard to focus and keep composure, laughing as Ripple pulls and chews. Then... the leash snaps! Ripple then attempts to jump up and grab the half that Mike is holding to play tug of war! At this point, Mike can't stop from laughing and playing with the pup! Who could resist? This segment, with a dog that has a huge personality, was a HUGE sucess really! Ripple apparently got adopted the next day!


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